Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vital Force

Before you can understand the workings of Homeopathy, you need to understand the main player… the Vital Force.

Vital Force is the life force for an organism (human or animal). The Vital Force (VF) according to Hahnemann cohesively binds the mind, body and spirit and adds life to an organism. Without it, an organism would cease to function, grow and reproduce. The VF not only gives the foundation for these functions, but maintains a necessary balance of health for the organism.

Disease is created when the Vital Force is beaten down (compromised) and unable to repel illness properly. In one respect, Homeopathy stimulates and brings the needed energy to the Vital Force. The VF is then able to throw off disease and heal the patient.


  1. I like that you keep a subject like this in short spurts...I think it definitely makes it much easier to take in when a person isn't certified in it! =)

  2. Just saw you on my blog. Glad to see yours! I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it, as I'm no expert. I firmly believe in the healing naturopathic way. Glad you're here!