Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Remedy Potencies

It is common to find homeopathic remedies in health food stores. They are listed by 30X or 30C or whatever. These numbers and letters signify the potency of the remedy. X potency is made by taking one drop of a natural material substance (like ink from squid-Sepia) and diluting it in 10 drops of water/ alcohol (X is 10 potency). C potency is taking the same substance and diluting it in 100 drops of water/alcohol (C is 100 potency). Then one drop is taken from that X or C potency after succussion and diluted in another 10 or 100 drops respectively. Each stage produces the next potency as in 10X to 11X or 12C to 13C. The X potencies are used much more rarely than the C potencies. There is just a sweet spot where the C potencies are more useful. Potencies can be diluted and succussed many thousands of times to produce M potency (1000), 10M, 50M, CM (100M) and MM (1000M). It should be noted that these high potencies are not to be used lightly and should be given by experienced homeopaths.

The most common potency for acute or short lived illness like colds, flu, sprains, headaches, etc is 30C and 200C. These two potencies are safe to use by laymen as long as you follow the rules dictated by Hahnemann. Remember the minimal dose.

Kits of homeopathic remedies can be purchased in 30C or 200C potency for about $100-$200 which would be good to treat common acute family illnesses. A kit can last for many, many years and is well worth the cost. In fact, as long as remedies are kept from light and strong odors as in cleaners and the like, they will last for decades (at least). The resulting cost of treating acute illness once a layman has learned how it is done, is about five cents per illness.

Chronic illness or long lived illness is best treated by LM potencies which were developed by Hahnemann before he died. These potencies are not frequently seen because most homeopaths never learned about them… remember Hahnemann’s last Organon was lost for 70 years. LM potency is a dilution of 1 to 500 and creates a very deep acting remedy while making it less aggravating to the patient (more mild). LM are normally found from LM1 to LM30. (Beginners should not attempt to treat Chronic illness without help from an experienced homeopath… it is just too complex to approach without experience).


  1. Wow! Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been using homeopathy for a long time! (15 years) I wish I had known about it much sooner. I think I would still have a thyroid gland. (lost it due to cancer)
    I had a lot of health problems years ago that I used alternative medicine to help with. I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life. I have not used an antibiotic in over 15 years.
    I am on a gluten free diet, and working back towards a raw foods diet, for health maintenance.
    Thanks for making a blog!

  2. oh wow! this is so fitting that you found my blog and commented as i may have strep and am swallowing OLE and golden seal...hope i am making wise choises!

    i have always been very interested in homeopathy and would love to pursue it...thank you for this blog as it seems a safe and reliable place of information...look forward to visitng more often!

  3. I am trying hard to relay only specific and reliable information without writing a book. I am cutting some small corners, but that is for the reason mentioned. Sorry to hear about the illness (strep). Homeopathy would definitely save you some aggravation at this time. But, do what you think fit. Taking your health into your own hands is always the first step towards getting better... thanks for the comments.


    I have lived your story also. Serious illness is the Mother of all invention. The fact that you have kicked the antibiotics tells me volumes. I often recommend never using them unless there is no other way (life threatened). Claude Bernard said that it was not the microbes (bacteria), but the terrain that was at fault; not the bugs but the susceptible body. Bacteria are everywhere, but not everyone gets sick from them. Heal the body and the bacteria will have no effect. I believe that one day we will all realize that he was absolutely correct.

    Thanks for the post.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I was very happy to see a new visitor. I believe very strongly in natural medicine and have recently decided to pursue a naturopathy degree. My tumor is calcified, and my doctors have told me that it is not possible for it to be broken down. I am hoping for a miracle and doing all I can to perform one. If you could offer any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Again, thank you so much for visiting my blog.

  5. Thanks for being on the net. I am happy always to gather homeopathic info. I was treated some years ago by Malcom Smith, ND, whose main practice is this kind of classical homeopathy. He took the interview and I shared honestly and he thought about it, then gave me the remedy blind. Then he told me Agaricus Musc. was his choice at the LM levels 2 thru 5. He gave me a month long regime each. Four months. That's a hoot, an old hippie whose favorite high was psylocibin, turned out another 'shroom was my mate. But I never really made a point of the mushroom connection, so he diagnosed from symptoms and character, what I was about.

    Dr. Smith said I was a rare bird, that he had one other, a woman in the Seattle area. It has been a while now and your appearance along with the trouble, an allergy to the Third Kingdom (not the mineral) but molds mildews fungi (like cures like) tells me it is time to return and follow up. There are actually four if you add the mineral. Fungus and mushroom is a distinct living kingdom technically, and there is at least one more in the living kingdoms, what they call these days the extremophiles, the ones who might be found on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn and deep inside Mars.

  6. Thank you! Your blog seems very interesting too. I'm really into homeopathic remedies and herbal medicine. I will be reading your blog now too!


  7. Thank you so much for your visit and letting me know that you are here. I've got a little Osteo-arthritis in my right knee so when my friend asked me what the Dr. said, I told her I don't have one. I'm doing my own research and am taking cod liver oil, and taking MSM and Glucosamine Sulfate. I'm working on my diet and eat much more raw foods, and always the spiritual growth, too.

  8. I seriously don't know how parents survive their children's childhoods without a homeopathy kit! :-P Mine was one of my best investments. I don't use it often, but when I do, it's worth it weight in gold. (The most recent was a few months ago when my son woke up with croup in the night. We may have avoided an emergency room trip with Aconite.)

    I saw your comment on my blog, so I thought I'd check out yours. I will enjoy reading what you have to say since I'm fascinated by Homeopathy.

  9. BT,

    I did read a bit of your blog. Obviously a trying time and situation. I would like to say that this operation is YOUR decision and no one else. You should not feel pressured one way or the other. I will always say that taking responsibility for your health and life is the first step. Leaving the decision to others or blindly following experts or friends is no way to accept responsibility. I realize you ARE taking the responsibility and just want to say kudos to you.

    Homeopathy views the body as a complete system. The Life Force/Vital Force throws out symptoms to signify illness. The symptom is NOT the illness itself. It is a clue and dealing with it by removing it is like throwing away the tire from your car because it is flat. Sometimes that flat tire is so shredded that you have no choice... sometimes it can be patched. Cases where there has been previous surgery are the most complex and hardest to cure (if at all- no longer a complete system, body). In any health event, I would try every conceivable (read promising, verifiable, likely) possibility in treating the situation before accepting that it cannot be altered by another means (without surgery). Sometimes the body is unable to deal with its affliction and surgery is the answer (so be it). But not having exhausted other options within the timeframe you have may come back to haunt you. Again, I realize that that is what you are doing now.

    I have never been one to believe an "expert" in anything; too much water under the bridge. I listen carefully and then usually tell them why they are wrong. :) I have been proven wrong many times, but I have also proven them wrong a time or two myself. I would never have found homeopathy if I had believed the status quo. It has opened up the "not possible" to being "possible" and every so often "probable". Follow your instincts, I think they have been good so far.

  10. Hey Christopher,

    A very interesting post! You definitely follow that remedy (even at this time). You are probably a pretty funny guy too. If your basic symptoms are coming back unchanged, then you will most likely need the same remedy... if changed, so does the remedy (mostly). You are extremely lucky to follow someone that obviously has more than just a clue about homeopathy. Using LM potency is not the norm and shows someone (the homeopath) has at least cracked a book or two. You may want to research the miasms. I will be posting a bit on that in due time.

    You have captured how homeopathy can blindly/objectively look at the patient and heal them. It takes a homeopath with the strengths of a detective but it can be done. The fact that you truthfully told your story without holding back is the requirement on your end. Most patients are very hesitant to lay it all out and their remedy selection will suffer for it.

    It is really funny how life nudges you in the proper direction and you obviously see that. Most people think there are coincidences.

    Thanks for the post.

  11. Saleslady371,

    You are welcome. I would encourage to you keep investigating homeopathy for your illness. Homeopath's have a unique view of your ailment that will be found in no other place. If you should continue to read, keep an open mind to the possibilities it presents. Start afresh and don't look at your problem as a "right knee" but as a total body problem. Don't be surprised when a good homeopath will point out several other pesky problems that you thought were completely unrelated. Thanks for the post.

  12. Rosie Kate,

    Thank you so much for the post!

    We need more people stepping forward to prove that homeopathy is worth the investigation. I would only add that you have not only saved a trip or two to the clinic over time, but the side-effects of some pharmaceutics. While emergency treatment is a very important and useful part of allopathic treatment (stated by Hahnemann several times), the treatment of minor acute illness (short-lived) can be ably handled in many instances (as you document). Everyone needs to learn what their talents (limitations) can and cannot handle when it comes to homeopathy and always seek standard medical advice when in doubt. There is no substitute for emergency care in the event of a life threatening emergency. I know you would agree.

    Many of the original homeopaths were medical doctors first and foremost and once exposed to homeopathy, never went back.

    Interesting that a two hundred year old medical art had skipped right over your parents. But nice that you had the insight not to let that happen to you. Thanks again.

  13. I have studied Homeopathy for years, starting in the 80's. I believe it has kept me alive, as I have a heart problem and Diabetes. Thank you also for visiting my blog.

  14. Hi Vicki,

    Your company is welcome here. Feel free to chime in with any personal experiences you may have had. Thanks for the comment!