Monday, February 16, 2009

The Minimal Dose

Hahnemann proved by careful experimentation that a properly potentized (powerful) remedy should only be given in the smallest possible dose to affect a cure. This theory is borne out by any good homeopath in the practice of watching potentized remedies perform their action. It doesn’t take long to realize that homeopathic remedies are very powerful and need to be used with some care. The idea of only giving the “minimal dose” is the foundation behind keeping this care uppermost in mind. Patients are often amazed that such a small amount of homeopathic medicine is needed to affect a considerable amount of healing. In fact, there really is no material quantity to homeopathic remedies as they are diluted until only the energy of the original material is left.

Modern chemistry can find no real material product in homeopathic remedies. This does not mean that there is nothing to them. To those that have experience, the existence of the remedy energy is obvious. Also, highly potentized remedies are very powerful and should only be prescribed by experienced homeopaths; they are nothing to be toyed or experimented with.

Also be aware that such a small or minimal dose is very safe in its effect. Because homeopathic remedies are natural, given in small quantity and work to stimulate the Vital Force, they are MUCH safer than pharmaceutical medicines. They cause no long term effects unless incorrectly prescribed over a very long term (months or years) or flagrantly misused. They are not addicting and can be antidoted if needed. Antidoting is rarely if ever necessary if prescribing specific to the rules dictated by Hahnemann.

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