Saturday, February 21, 2009

Man or Nature… which is smarter?

That is my question to you… which is smarter, Man or Nature?

I have asked this question now of dozens of people. Almost to a person, their answer is Nature. Well, I am here to tell you that if you answered Nature, then with all due respect, you are a bit of a hypocrite. You say one thing and you live another. At a minimum, you are not fighting the fight for Nature. Let me explain…

My wife and I are the proud “parents” to two spunky little female dogs. Both of our puppies are relatively illness free, due in part to the fact that we treat them with good food and only the most necessary of legally required vaccinations (almost none). Now imagine my surprise when confronted by three separate veterinarians at different times and under differing situations that highly recommend that I have both of my “girls” fixed (spayed). After explaining to each veterinarian in turn that we were hyper-vigilant in making sure that our dogs would not single-handedly overpopulate the world, we were bombarded with the following: our dogs would bleed on everything in the house; they would develop mammary cancer and tumors in the ovaries and uterus; they would develop uterine infections that could cost ten times the amount that spaying would cost; and they would probably not live as long. To each veterinarian I asked the same question: Is the female reproductive tract killing my dog? How could this be possible? Of course, their response was that it is more likely that my doggies will suffer these ailments and they won’t miss their reproductive tracts anyway. Hmmmm… they won’t miss their reproductive tracts? How do you know that? Why were they not born spayed to begin with? But more to the point, would you do this to your little girl? Your human little girl? Of course not! How absurd to even mention it!!! We have to wait until she is older…

Ok, this line of thought has probably riled quite of few of my readers a bit. Animals are animals after all, right? We can just mold them for our convenience. We do it all the time. We make new fruits, flowers, Africanized bees (um, scratch that). We know what we are doing and we can tamper with nature all we want. Because, um, we are smarter? But that is not the point (quite yet). In the 1950s and 1960s medical doctors were faced with the typical tonsillitis (sore throat) that afflicts most children. It was seen as an epidemic and out came the scalpels and scissors (snip snip- ice cream)… epidemic of tonsillitis averted. Fast forward thirty years and medical doctors tout the fact that tonsils are part of our immune system and NOT the cause of an illness that afflicts them. What a revelation! An organ is not the cause of an illness that afflicts it. Quick! Let’s tell the veterinarians!

In the 1950s we invented chemical fertilizers and insecticides and you name it. We needed plants to grow faster and bugs to die faster. Talk to a person that was at the forefront of these products and used them. Chances are that you can’t talk to ANY of them… they are long gone; many at a young age, at least younger than their normal lifespan from insidious cases of cancers that riddled their bodies. And now we find that these fertilizers and insecticides go right into the plants, are eaten by the livestock, are eaten by us. Is that a problem?

And then some of you are saying that was ancient history, long ago. Well if you think that fifty years is ancient times, then you should sign up for the medical profession. They seem to measure revolutionary change in decades; abandoning their latest greatest advancements at every generation; right near the limit of our memory capacity. And you the reader are supporting this mind set. You are supporting the idea that man can change nature and improve it. Your wives, girlfriends, daughters and mothers are having hysterectomies at every opportunity (following the sage advice of a “knowledgeable” physician). Is the reproductive tract the cause of their problems? It’s just a question.

Many take a cholesterol lowering drug to prevent a heart attack when any doctor can tell you that 85% of cholesterol is produced by the liver. So why are we not treating the liver (not suppressing it) or better still, figuring out why it is producing too much cholesterol to begin with? Could we just take a moment and look at the body as a set of connected parts instead of unrelated medical specialties?

We now have lakes all over the USA that show rising levels of ibruprofen, heart medications, estrogen from birth control pills (among many other pharmaceuticals); male fish are growing eggs and becoming feminized. And when it really starts to sink in that we then recycle that water and drink it ourselves, it will be fifty more years and we will bemoan how stupid we were “back then”.

We take perfectly good cow’s milk and basically boil (pasteurize) it until we are sure it has no “koodies”. Then we expect it to have some nutrition? Ok, not enough tampering. So we give the cows antibiotics and throw in some growth hormones (BGH) because they don’t produce enough. Now we are slowly figuring out that what we give them may just be coming though the milk? It is still under investigation (for about twenty more years by my clock- which will make a total fifty since we started this BGH tampering).

A few years ago there was an astounding discovery… women were getting depressed after giving birth. Ok, fine. So the doctor gives this new mother some Valium. She feels much better. But wait… now the baby has high levels of Valium? Could it be the breast milk? If it is the breast milk (which it is), we should probably pasteurize it first!

I could go on and on. Obviously our attempts at “improving” Mother Nature work for a while, but we always seem to find out different every thirty to fifty years or just after the demise of the generation of doctors and scientists that stupidly lead us down the wrong road. And we are told by a new smarter set of doctors and scientists that NOW we have the solution.

Do you need thousands of instances to prove that we are less smart than nature? No, you said so at the beginning. So when faced with a history of failures and increased drugs and disease, why do you follow these advances in medical science so blindly (unquestioningly) and not accept a truly natural system of medicine practiced for many more years than our current system. A system that started by speaking out against vaccinations, bleedings and leeches in the 1800s and continues to speak out against unnatural treatment today. A system with little to no changes in the remedies that they first discovered. Remedies that don’t addict, suppress illness or pollute the environment. A system that tells us to stop messing with nature. A system that promotes the bodies’ own natural healing mechanism. A system that sees the body as a complete functioning organism that has no expendable organs. A system whose basic premise is to cure all illness. Because you haven’t heard of such a system? Well, that system is Homeopathy.


  1. What has modern science and medicine given us in the last hundred years or so? How about twice as many years to live?

    I know, I know--stupid science.

  2. Thank you for taking a look at my blog. I have just a good read of your posts here, it is brilliant. I am very interested to read and learn more about homeopathy, it looks like I can on this blog. I will keep checking back for more!

  3. Do you have any remedy for Trichotillomania?

  4. Michael... Please see my next post and thanks for the comment.

  5. Thanks Chris... likewise. Welcome to the journey.

    Beloved Inamorata,

    Please see my comments under Law of Cure blog entry on naming diseases.

    Trichotillomania is a disorder where someone pulls their hair (out)... related in some ways to obsessive/compulsive.

    Homeopathy does not look at any ONE symptom like allopathic medicine (normal medicine), but tracks and treats ALL symptoms of illness at once. There are always other symptoms that accompany any one striking symptom like you describe. If you follow the blogs you will see mention of the homeopathic Materia Medica... in this book you can find several remedies that catalog the mental tendency to pull out your own hair. An experienced homeopath will match the appropriate remedy from that list to other symptoms that this person will be displaying and properly advise to the resulting remedy and its use. Either learn the correct way to do this or seek out a learned homeopath for assistance with this situation. A chronic situation that you are describing can be complicated to deal with and should never be approached lightly. Keep other doctors that have been consulted in the loop as to the way you might approach this or any other illness. Hope that helps.

  6. This blog is so interesting. I have been an avid supporter of homeopathy and an eager to learn more.

  7. I may be way too late for you to even read this comment, but here goes anyway.
    I am a thirty-seven year old married of three young children and I have been interested in homeopathy for about fourteen years. I have only begun to use many remedies in the last six. Living in Western Pennsylvania, as you can imagine, does not afford me even a small list of homeopaths. Most of what I have learned came from reading and research. That said, I love your blog and am so happy I finally sat down this evening and took the time to read it. I belive and agree with everything you have written in this particular post. I try my best to live mindful of these points every day in a modern society that has no patience for beliefs like ours. It is so unbelievably difficult to feed my children, deal with illness at the pediatrician's office and even send them to school when I feel that whole world is so out of whack. If I were ten years younger and had the money and the ability to move near a school to become certified, I would. I truly believe that there are many others out there who not only already believe in this way of life, but some who are starting to want to make a change in this direction. It is the way of the future...I just wish I could find a way to help facilitate it. Please, please keep writing and informing. It is so helpful to me and others, I'm sure. Thank you

  8. MsPulp,

    By your very comment, you are facilitating a change in perception. People need to know that they are not alone in their view of the direction our society has taken. It can already be seen by the educated choices patients are starting to make, not to mention the ever-growing movement towards organically grown food.

    I feel it is important to learn alternative ways of medicine (especially homeopathy) the best that you are able and then prove by your own example that it can and does make a significant difference in your life.

    If you keep reading, I will keep writing. Thank you for the kind comments.

  9. "Man or Nature… which is smarter?"

    Well, man is also part of nature. :) However it has forgotten that through the development of its silly ordinary mental consciousness. I believe that deep inside man is not smart, but very wise, it just has forgotten... (there is a little bit of interference).

    Anyway, I am a total believer of homeopathy and alternative medicine. I do believe at times allopathic medicine does help and it is necessary, but if given a choice homeopathy (and things like acupuncture and herbalism) are my first option.

    This said, I've found it hard to find good homeopaths. I also find that some would contradict themselves when it comes to choosing the right remedy. It's kind of interesting to see that homeopathy in the US is not as 'mainstream' as in other parts of the world and it's sad to see also that sometimes there are campaigns to discredit it from people that haven't even given themselves the chance to see if it works.

    Great blog!

  10. CuriousMuser,

    Yes, I agree with you. Man thinks too much... always fiddling. Pure wisdom is an unconscious effort.

    The contradictions between homeopath's stem (I believe) from imperfect study. It seems unbelievable to me that so many have not studied the foundation material. Hopefully I can get some of the basics out there for others to follow and maybe get a few to study on their own.

    The root problem behind acceptance of homeopathy is that if a person sees for themselves that it works as described, they will eventually have to admit that other forms of medicine are misguided in their approach. At some point I will explain this in a post. To the point, homeopathy pulls the rug from underneath mainstream medicine and those that attempt to discredit it have simply never studied it.

    As always, I appreciate your kind words and I welcome your comments.