Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Law of Cure

The law of cure that is mostly credited to Constantine Hering (1800-1880) states that the cure of illness progresses from the head downward, from the more important organ to the lesser important organ, from the center outward and from the newest of ailments to the oldest (in layers). The importance of this idea is to know when and by what degree an illness is being cured. A practiced homeopath will follow symptoms through their course looking for these very signs to determine when and if the illness is being cured. This is also known as Hering’s Law of Cure.

Illness will follow the exact opposite course of cure if it is left untreated. Illness progresses inward, upward, and to the most important of organs. Often an ailment that progresses to the nervous system and bones has been long lived. Noting the location of disease will give a timeline to when it started.


  1. Is there a Homepathic remedy for RSD or Parkinsin's?

  2. Homeopathy does not look at illness by name. Homeopaths don't care about naming diseases. Named disease is the world of allopathy (normal western medicine). Homeopathy just looks at the symptoms... so yes homeopathy has remedies that cover pretty much every possible illness that you may encounter (any combination of symptoms).

    There is a catch though. Illness that has severely compromised the health of an individual over many years may be incurable- like a car that has an oil leak, if you continue to drive and drive it will eventually not be repairable... the quicker you deal with a situation (illness), the more likely it can be cured (repaired).

    And second, treatment by regular medicine (allopathy) can corrupt the ability of the body to heal itself. Most people use homeopathy as a last ditch effort when allopathy fails. This is the worst possible situation as allopathy can make the situation incurable by its use. Allopathy can ruin a case (incurable) that could have been cured by homeopathy if allopathic methods had not been first used.

    If these statements are hard to believe, you are not alone in this. They were actually stated 200 years ago by the founder Hahnemann and corroborated over those years thousands of times. The books are there to read; the cases documented by medical doctors since 1800 to today. Homeopathy in my opinion is one of the greatest arts that was ever discovered and then for the most part, lost.

    As I will tell you many times... don't take my word for it or anyone else for that matter. Study the correct methods, read and try it. Experience is the only way to verify that it works. Then no one can tell you otherwise.

    I will be posting this type of information in more detail as time allows and the basics have been covered.

    Thanks for the question.

  3. My mom has Parkinson's and has not taken any of the Meds, she is purely doing supplements and did do iv glutathione for a couple months once a week. My daughter has RSD which is a nerve disorder- of the Symphathetic Nervous System. She also has endometreosis- (spell) anyway thanks for your comment on my blog.

  4. Hey Sandy,

    If they (mother/daughter) are inclined, I would look for a homeopath locally and check them out. Go in and have a sit down, question session to feel them out. Learn the basic rules from my blogs... one remedy at a time, etc, etc... more rules to come by the way. There are really very few good homeopaths around these days. Bigger cities have better selection... don't settle for just anyone or you will waste valuable time. One big reason I am posting this information is so people will understand the true and tested methods and be able to spot the charlitans. Homeopathy for cases like your Mother's and Daughter's are tough and you need a reputable homeopath if you choose that route. Giving a homeopath a few months (2-3) to prove they know which way is up would not be out of the question. And, look for someone that takes their time to see each case through. Don't expect 10 minutes here and there from them (that is normal medicine)... an hour or two consultations here and there is needed from a homeopath to do their job (expect it!!!)... they tend to be good listeners and will probe every little thing. Again, I will be posting more on this. Thanks for the comment.