Monday, February 9, 2009

The Patient and the Disease is Individual (and so is the remedy)

Homeopathy sees the patient as a true individual. A specific ailment is only specific to that patient and no other. So a flu or cold in one person, even though it may look the same as a cold or flu in the next patient, is quite different because of the individual person experiencing it. Each patient is treated with the remedy that most closely “fits” that individual with those specific symptoms. This is a considerable change to allopathic medicine that treats most ailments with identical remedies. In allopathic medicine, all colds are relatively equivalent (the same) and in Homeopathy all colds are relatively individual (different as expressed differently by the individual person). So, Bob with a runny nose and cough is treated completely different than Sally with a runny nose and lack of cough. Each person is treated differently than the next as each has a differing set of problems from the next. And, the homeopathic remedy for each person no matter how similar the illness in a different person will also most likely be different.


  1. I'm looking forward to how you elaborate on this, like how do we know which homeopathic remedy is right for us? Is it often the same for different ailments? For instance, my midwife gave me pulsatilla to help my baby shift a little before labor (not a complete movement actually, but just to be more comfortable). It worked. She said if it wasn'ta match to me as a remedy, it would have made me feel kind of depressed rather than turning the baby. I also read pulsatilla is for congestion. Thanks for telling me about you blog. I am new to homeopathy and herbal remedies and I am excited to learn more (and improve my family's health).

  2. The choice of remedy is a little too complex of a question at the moment. I will get to the basics in the next few posts after laying more groundwork. Hang in there.

    Yes, the remedy can be the same for different ailments. Many times, what seem like various illnesses are actually tied together as one. At least that is how homeopathy views it and I believe it is the most advantageous way to see illness by far.

    Great story on the Pulsatilla remedy! One thing I can say to you as being new to homeopathy. Forget what you know about medicine... it only gets in the way. The idea that a remedy is "good" for a particular illness (like Pulsatilla for congestion) only confuses the fact that there are many remedies for that condition. We all get caught up in that thinking from allopathy. Homeopathy is much more difficult to understand from a standpoint of regular medicine (allopathic).

    If you go to an herbal store, you will find the small tubes of homeopathic medicine. They will say "cough" or "flu" on the label. Unfortunately this is completely wrong labeling and perpetuates incorrect information about how homeopathy works. I got caught by that years ago and would have never figured out homeopathy by following this misinformation. This will become clear as we go along.

    I will always say that homeopathy will change your life and the way you view health/illness... the way you start is part of that transition. Wipe the slate clean and keep reading.

    Thanks for the great questions and comments!