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YouTube Homeopathy Video Blog 4


LINK: 10 minutes

Warning… not my favorite video of the group, but a chance to set the record straight -as usual :)

Right off the bat, Vidal makes a quick statement that the mental symptoms (experienced by a patient) can take up to a year to change. This is mostly incorrect. Mental symptoms and especially those that are troubling are the most likely to be the first symptoms to improve. Homeopathy is really the only medical system that I am aware of that connects mental health to physical health intrinsically. Homeopaths will mostly admit that a sense of well-being is the first relieving symptom that is experienced by a well-chosen remedy. It is true that many chronic patients don’t realize their progress for a while… a good homeopath will insist that the patient take down and realize their symptoms before treatment begins and then reflect on those at some later date (as a comparison).

It is hard to quantify the time taken to heal/cure a chronic illness and Vidal is having a hard time expressing this point. When she says that a patient sees no results in two months that should be the exception to a case and not the rule as she makes it seem. Of course homeopathy will take longer to HEAL a patient than “taking a pill”. The pill is not healing the patient… just keeping their symptoms from bothering them. This is not healing, this is not curing. It is called palliation and suppression.

The interviewer makes it seem that the patient must be ready to heal in order for homeopathy to be effective. Believe and it will work? I won’t even begin to go down the road of new age “build it and he will come” philosophy. Homeopathy is a true medical art and not a belief system. The patient must adhere to following the advice of the homeopath… stay sober, eat well, exercise… and take your remedy as advised. That’s it. If the homeopath has done their job, you will get better; you will heal.

Taking a bunch of remedies incorrectly is NOT a strong reason for then giving a remedy in a higher potency. Vidal speaks of a child with a major coughing problem… children are strong souls with hardy constitutions (as a rule) and will respond better to higher potencies than adults. Children have a strong Vital Force that has not been complicated by bad living and suppressive drugs (yet). They also generally have not had their illness for that long and do not have a compromised response to the remedy. High potency is normally used in these cases as with younger animals (e.g., dogs and cats). They can just handle it better than us old folks. Yes, this is contrary to the way allopathic medicine works… allopathic prescribing is lesser for younger and smaller and more for adult and bigger people. Remember that homeopathy is about the stimulation of the Vital Force… it is just stronger in younger people (esp children) and can be pushed farther in those instances. I am always quite amazed that it works so well in children and animals that are very ill… and the results are often amazingly permanent within a short time.

The young boy with the cough was considerably helped by homeopathy (from attacks every three weeks of coughing and hospital emergencies to one in two years). Homeopathic case books are full of these “miracles”. So much so that homeopaths are disappointed not to have tangible results such as this. Vidal is again beating the stress-of-the-world drum again. The stress of the world today with traffic and twitter is nothing compared to going to the homeopath fifty miles away and leaving a day ahead to get there (uphill both ways!).

Homeopathy IS concerned about the source of illness, but not to the extent that Vidal makes it seem. She over-emphasizes it a bit. Psychology is for psychologists and psychiatrists (et al). There are some concerns of basic fear, delusion, etc, but only to finding the remedy (Simillimum) of the case… not for psycho-analysis. Vidal does not get to the heart of the problem with her case… and that is a discussion of the miasms (still working on a miasm post for your future reading pleasure… can hardly wait).

It is true that the pregnancy and birth of a child can influence basic remedies of that child in illness… but it is not necessary to know this information.

Next, Video 5 of 6 (two more to go… hope you are enjoying the discussion).

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