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YouTube Homeopathy Video Blog 5


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We start this video out with some psychological analysis. I am not a fan of this type of comparison within homeopathy… it is what it is. There are several parts of the video that go way too deep into this. Hahnemann stated emphatically not to confuse treating illness with other forms of medical art. Vidal realizes this when stating not to start “two things at one time” (two forms of treatment, homeopathy and XYZ ).

The interviewer makes a great point about choosing the wrong homeopathic remedy for the illness. If the remedy is not appropriate (homeopathic) to the illness, it will often have no affect at all. This is because it is not similar to the symptoms demonstrated by the patient. Homeopathic remedies act on those symptoms that they create. Now, if the wrong remedy is given over and over for some length of time, the patient will start to “prove” the remedy and will contract that illness (set of symptoms). This takes a considerable amount of time (months to years) and would be beyond common sense to advise a patient in taking a remedy that was not homeopathic (matching the symptoms) for such a period.

There really is no need to be “ready” for homeopathy or chiropractics. This is the same with any medical art. If the patient is seeking out treatment, homeopathy or allopathy for that matter should just work. If you find that homeopathy does not heal your illness, there are generally three possible reasons for this. One, the illness is too far advanced and can only be palliated. Two, the practitioner has not done their job. Or three, the patient is blocking the treatment by not following the rules. The latter commonly is created by alcohol or drug consumption during treatment.

I was pleased that Vidal does quickly mention Auto-Immune diseases. This subject is not easily understood except when questioning its background. We have seen many diseases pop-up over the last 20-30 years with no known cause and no known effective treatment. Homeopathy handles them quite well because it does not require some understanding of the workings of those diseases. It simply looks at the set of symptoms and applies to those symptoms in whatever form they exist. In this way, homeopathy can always be applied no matter how bizarre the symptoms may be and in any combination. In homeopathy, “There is nothing new under the sun”… can’t remember who said that, but I tend to prove it every so often.

Vidal gives a good example of how remedies are chosen by peculiar symptoms. These symptoms are called Strange, Rare, or Peculiar (SRP) and they will often determine the exact remedy for the illness. In the video, her example is of a woman (menstrual symptoms) that wants to be alone but with her family within reach (in the next room, not her room though). As opposed to a person who wants no one even near them (not in the same house or vicinity). Vidal uses the remedy, Sepia (SEP) for this case which is made from Cuttlefish (squid ink). Another example of a case that is fairly rapid in its response to homeopathy.

A good video for some interesting aspects of homeopathy not commonly discussed.

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