Thursday, March 12, 2009

YouTube Homeopathy Video Blog 3


LINK: 9 minutes

Vidal describes the process of homeopathic treatment to healing and distinguishes the time it takes with the pathology of the disease (the progression and extent of the disease treated) and the individual’s Vital Force. A stronger constitution in the individual will respond better and faster as the Vital Force is stronger. Also, long existing disease will beat down and weaken the Vital Force. The curing aspect in this latter situation will require more time as the weakened Vital Force cannot effect change as quickly.

A good overview of how the remedy is chosen based upon many aspects of the patient’s life, not just their illness.

The interviewer talks more than usual and side tracks the discussion.

For those that already know a bit about homeopathy, this video is a nothing new. A homeopath listens and doesn’t speak much during the initial visit. The patient unloads as much as possible for them and is encouraged to do so. For those who aren’t familiar with the consultation process in homeopathy, Vidal is spot on to the process and gives insight that will not be apparent until you have more experience. If you study more about homeopathy, please return to this in the future and pay particular attention to the last third of the video.

More to come…

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