Tuesday, March 3, 2009

YouTube Homeopathy Video Blog

You can wade through the videos available on YouTube about homeopathy and feel disheartened. They portray homeopathy as crazy, unfounded, and give the viewer the feeling that you would have to be an idiot to investigate it. After all, if it is on the internet some feel it must be right and well thought out. This could not be further from the truth. Most of the video (youtube) information available on homeopathy is simply wrong (putting it mildly). Having said that, I have found a series of interviews on youtube that give a generally accurate view of homeopathy. I will give links to each video and some comments, critiques, and general thoughts about the videos individually. The critique is intended to bring out the differences to what Hahnemann specifically taught (if there are any differences). Hope you enjoy the view…


Link: 10 minutes

Critique and Notes about the video…

The interviewer in the video series is a chiropractor and occasionally gets in the way of the discussion. Later videos are more obvious to this point.

Vidal has come to homeopathy through a serious illness. This is very common as many of the original homeopaths were deathly ill, given up by allopathy and eventually cured by homeopathy. This lead them to take up the cause. Boenninghausen was one of those and his lengthy ordeal can be found in his book “Lesser Writings”.

Vidal started with treatment for sinus infection which as a rule is really the first layer of a more chronic (long term) illness. The fact that the infections recur while under allopathic treatment is a testament to their chronic nature. Many can attest that sinus trouble is never actually cured by allopathic treatment, but is treated fairly swiftly through homeopathy.

She (Vidal) speaks of primarily environmental causes to illness (stress, chemicals, etc), but Hahnemann founded other more pervasive causes that were “inherited” from parents and past generations. These causes are termed “miasms” and are not really hereditary or genetic as we view it in allopathy.

Notice Vidal’s analogy of “like cures like” in her discussion of allergy symptoms being similar to symptoms from cutting up an onion. This example is used quite often and does make the point. You have to listen closely to her in the video to get it.

Vidal states that there are many forms of homeopathy... Yes, many have attempted to follow other ideas that were not stated by Hahnemann. Many homeopaths have simply never read the original works closely and make up (or discover) their own forms of homeopathy. There is only one way that Hahnemann presented homeopathy. It can be built upon and should be, but it should first be thoroughly studied before it can be modified (as with any idea).

Vidal obviously has given the subject some thought and does present the basics well.

Next time video 2.


  1. I'll give the video a chance, but honestly, I wish she were almost anything other than a chiropractor. My sister-in-law's chiropractor claims to be able to cure everything from OCD and ADHD to lupus and cancer with manipulations.
    Not that all chiropractor's are alike, but you know. It chips away at credence. My personal beliefs fall along the lines of herbal preventative...like those people who live to ripe old ages and never went to the doctor. Just drank their lemon balm tea, drank a little wine, and ate eggs every morning.

  2. Sorry... more clearly, the INTERVIEWER (not the interviewee) is a chiropractor. The person interviewed is a homeopath (Deborah Vidal).

  3. At least there are a few people putting out some information on what is homeopathy for a north american audience. Thank you for doing that.

  4. home pathy blog is very nice site.

  5. It´s a really nice video to watch, homeopathy cannot be explained better in a sort time!
    homeopathy is a deeper art & science, isn´t it?